Main 3 Reason to Travel Nepal

  • Sudip Bhatta
  • 1989

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Nepal is still top most traveller's wish list, but we can't understand why: beautiful scenery (have jungles, lakes and mountains), people are friendly, this is a once in a lifetime trek, it is safe and affordable. What are you waiting for? This is 3 reasons why we visited Nepal in 2020.

  • Nepal means joy to you

With more than 35 different races, Nepal actually has a distinct culture and tradition. Exploring places with unique cultures and lifestyles is actually a heavenly happiness. In addition to the magnificent scenery, Nepal also invites tourists to visit its many cultures and unique traditions. Many festivals are held here to strengthen traditions and instill real value. If you wish to celebrate Nepalese festivals, visiting Nepal will be a great choice.

  • True charm has never diminished

Even after the horrors caused by the terrible disaster, Nepal has not lost the subtleties that made the country endemic. The huge mountains and the highest and famous Mount Everest (8848m) still stand and 8 among 10 highest mountains in the wolrd situated in Nepal. The country also showcases lush and dense forest, which has always attracted travelers. The amazing waterfalls seen in different locations are unparalleled. Despite the earthquake and some losses in Nepal, glory has been restored and some glory is being restored. Of the roughly ten national parks in the country, only one was affected but already recover. You can still visit Nepal and witness the almost extinct unicorn rhino and enjoy a delightful jungle walk.

  • There are many things to see in Nepal

Most importantly, cultural heritage has been destroyed, and major national heritages are in real condition. And, unless you come to visit these places, you will not know the true facts. This beautiful country has eight World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO, except for Patan Durbar Square, Kathmandu Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar (Square) has suffered one or two damages and has not completely lost their glory. Refurbishment and reconstruction are now underway and some points are now fully restored.

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