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Travelling to Nepal? Not a easy decision for the first timers to choose. Let us provide you with a snapshot overview of the 6 best beginners trekking in Nepal. At least, in terms of the number of trekkers, they are currently the most popular hikers in Nepal.

Nepal attracts more than 200,000 hikers each year. It also means that more than 200,000 people face the difficult choice of choosing a hiking destination in Nepal every year. Face the reality this is not an easy choice.

In your home country (and probably with a proper internet connection ...), it actually sounds weirder than the prosperous hiking and tourist area Thamel. The decision to choose your favorite hiking trip sounds weird, with hundreds of hiking agencies there You will inevitably be served. People have different opinions about which kind of trek is the best trek in Nepal.

In the worst case, some of the advice provided by local hiking agencies may be more profit driven than any other. At best, you'll receive good but possibly different advice from the various discreet trekking companies in Kathmandu. Because which trek is actually the best in Nepal?

Although some may think that the answer is final, it really depends on your personal hiking preferences. Let's take a look at some relevant aspects of trekking before you can personally zoom in on the best hikes in Nepal:

First of all It is necessary to know yourself before you start Trekking, for example:

  • How you like travel solo or join the group.
  • How long you can mange to travel?
  • Do you like most popular (crouded) trek by travaller or quiet and peace trekking?
  • Do you travelling longer hours by bus.
  • How much you like to spend for a lifetime experience.
  • Do you need to have guide or Porter ?
  • Benifits of booking trek from good company.


Here, are the most 6 recommended trek for the great experience, Click for more details

  1. Everest Base camp Trekking 
  2. Mardi Himal Trekking
  3. Piekey Peak Trekking 
  4. Annapurna Base Camp Trekking
  5. Poon Hill Trekking
  6. Langtang Valley Trekking

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